Do you know which floor is the most cost effective?

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Posted by David Ridgway on 03/20/2019

Have you ever wondered which floor is the most cost-effective choice for your building?

Tile floorIn 2012, The Tile Council of North American published the answers to that exact question. TCNA commissioned Scharf-Godfrey (an independent construction consulting firm) to perform a life cycle cost study of various types of commercial flooring. Scharf-Godfrey added up the cost of installation, custodial maintenance, and removal of many types of flooring and divided it by the number of years the flooring stays in good, usable condition. They determined that tile flooring costs less per year than any other floor type. Here are some of the results (cost is per square foot per year):

  • Quarry tile: $0.32 for 50 years
  • Glazed ceramic tile: $0.33 for 50 years
  • Natural hardwood: $0.42 for 50 years
  • Laminate: $0.71 for 25 years
  • Man-made hardwood: $0.74 for 25 years
  • Stained concrete: $0.98 for 25 years
  • Carpet: $1.08 for 6 years
  • VCT: $1.83 for 10 years

What are your thoughts?  Does this survey seem correct to you or does your experience tell you otherwise?

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