The Key to Proper Disinfection: Dwell Time

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Posted by David Ridgway on 08/14/2019

Spray bottle dwell time kills germs

March 2020 update: see how our cleaning processes relate to trying to keep you and your teammates healthy during this crazy time!

Disinfectant cleaners, such as Lysol, Clorox and Ajax, are designed to kill bacteria and germs. However, the bacteria and germs will not die if you merely spray the disinfectant and immediately wipe the surface. This process will get the surface clean, but it will not disinfect it.

If you want to properly disinfect a surface, you must allow the disinfectant to “dwell,” or sit on the surface for a specific amount of time. Every disinfectant has a proper dwell time. For example, Clorox wipes have a recommended dwell time of 4 minutes.

Many people do not follow these instructions, so disinfection often does not occur. 

Here’s how you properly disinfect a surface:

  • Spray the disinfectant on the surface
  • Allow the disinfectant to sit (read the label for proper dwell time)
  • Wipe off the disinfectant with a clean microfiber cloth

Are you using proper dwell time when you clean?

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