Three Reasons Why the Cleanliness of Your Building Impacts Your Health

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Posted by David Ridgway on 01/22/2020

Office desk covered in facial tissuesClean buildings are healthy buildings. This is true for three reasons. 

Reason #1: If you clean your office regularly and you clean it well, your employees shouldn’t get sick at work as often. Germs cause sickness. They cause the flu and colds. If you properly use an effective disinfectant to clean, you will reduce the number of germs. Fewer germs in your environment usually means lower chance of getting sick. 

How important is it to reduce germs in your workplace? According to Infection Control Todaynearly 70% of employees admit to coming to the office while sick. This obviously increases the chance of others in the office getting sick.

Reason #2: Lots of people are allergic to dust and mold. Dust and mold allergies cause sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, watery eyes. If you clean your office well, you can eliminate a lot of the dust and mold and your employees will feel better and be more productive.

Reason #3:  Clean buildings are good for your mental health. Here’s an illustration to prove my point. Have you let your car get so dirty that you were disgusted? You know what I’m talking about. French fries in between the seats. Ketchup stains on the carpet. Banana peels in the side compartment of the door. Crumbs in the seats. Dirt and dust on the dash. Sludge in the drink holders. Empty cups and water bottles under the seats. Papers everywhere. I could go on and on. 

When your car gets like this, it doesn’t feel good. However, after you clean your car out, you feel great. It’s so clean that you’re excited about it. It’s mentally refreshing. When I feel like this, I’m always more productive. I’ll bet your employees are the same.

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