Mosquito backpack vacuum cleanersEvery year more and more professional cleaners are using backpack vacs to vacuum carpets. The following are three reasons this is true.

Reason #1: Backpack vacuums are more efficient. Conventional vacuums are difficult to maneuver. When you clean with a conventional vacuum, you roll the vacuum back and forth until the carpet is clean. When you encounter furniture, you must drive it around it, alongside it or underneath it. When you want to move it from one side of the room to the other, you have to patiently drive the vacuum across the room. This process is cumbersome and slow. 

Backpack vacuums are different. When you clean with a backpack vac, you move the wand, which is skinny and lightweight, from side to side using a large wave motion. This method covers a lot of square footage quickly. They are also easy to maneuver around office furniture and equipment. When you’re using a backpack vacuum, you can lift the wand in the air and land it exactly where you want it. It’s easier to move from point A to point B because flying is faster than driving!

Reason #2: You can clean more areas, more often. Because backpack vacs clean fast, you can clean more carpet than before. This gives the customer more clean for their money.

Reason #3: You can use them to perform detail cleaning. If you simply remove the lower half of the wand, you are left with a good crevice tool. You can use it to clean along the edges of walls and corners or behind furniture. It will suck up the dirt and debris that gets stuck in these hard to reach areas.