Top 10 Reasons Customers Hire Janitorial Services

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Posted by David Ridgway on 09/12/2019

Cleaning a bathroom sink with microfiber cloth"Why would we pay a janitorial company to clean our building when we can just do it ourselves?" This might be more work than you're counting on. Here are the top ten reasons that customers hire a commercial cleaning company...

10. Cleaning is hard work.
9. Customers want to focus on their business, not cleaning.
8. Customers do not want to hire, fire or manage janitors.
7. Customers do not want to research or purchase cleaning equipment.
6. Customers want cleaning experts to assist with building maintenance issues.
5. Clean buildings attract customers.
4. Clean buildings help retain employees.
3. Clean buildings are healthier.
2. Clean buildings are safer.
1. People like clean buildings and dislike dirty buildings.

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