Independent Operator Opportunities

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When Neil Boyd started Alliance Maintenance in 1983, he didn't know that he was launching a janitorial juggernaut. Today, Alliance Maintenance is an admired enterprise in the cleaning industry. We are a multi-million dollar company and clean for hundreds of excited customers through the central and south central region of the US. 

The Opportunity

Alliance Maintenance independent operatorWe are looking to work with exceptional entrepreneurs that want to work together to build something great. 

The Benefits

  • You get to be your own boss. 
  • You get to use the proven systems and processes that were developed by a multi-million dollar enterprise. 
  • You'll be in a recession resistant industry. 
  • You'll be in a business that provides residual income. 
  • You'll become a source of employment in your community. 
  • You'll have an opportunity to lead and positively impact a large team of people every day. 

We're Looking For People That...

  • Are looking for a full-time, hands-on business opportunity. 
  • Have passion for exciting customers with outstanding customer service. 
  • Have a proven track record of success in organizational leadership. 
  • Have successfully managed their personal finances. 
  • Are committed to protecting the brand of Alliance Maintenance. 
  • Are comfortable with using technology.

If you would like more information on this opportunity...

  • Submit your resume to [email protected]
  • Please include a statement of what interests you about partnering with Alliance Maintenance.



Alliance is committed to hiring Veterans.You know first-hand how much your Military experience has taught and developed your leadership and follow-through.  Building a team, creating systems and implementing processes now comes naturally to you.

Alliance recognizes the unique skill set of our Veterans, and our Independent Operator position is a perfect fit!  Your contribution to our country is great, and can never be fully repaid.  Alliance is committed to partnering with you to help you build your own successful operation - it's our small way of saying thank you.

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