Kevin Gray

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Kevin Gray

KLG Enterprises LLC dba Alliance Maintenance of Tulsa

Kevin Gray managed restaurants for his entire career.  He began by managing a locally owned restaurant and moved to managing a local restaurant for a national chain.  He learned how to serve customers, manage people and analyze financial reports.

While these experiences were character forming and helped him build excellent management skills, Kevin really wanted to own a business for himself.  That’s when his brother told him about the possibility of opening his own cleaning company through Alliance Maintenance.

Kevin and his wife Amber have operated an Alliance Maintenance location in the Tulsa metropolitan area for 7 years.  They make a great team.  While they both do a little of everything, Kevin focuses on sales and manages a team of cleaners and Amber focuses on human resources and manages her own team of cleaners.  Their combined efforts have caused their business to take off.  Their business generates over a million dollars a year in revenue and they employee over 35 people.


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