Floor Savers: Would You Like These Results in Your Building?

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Posted by David Ridgway on 09/03/2019

Two styles of floor savers demonstrated on different chair leg typesWe have a customer in Oklahoma City that has problems associated with their break room. The first problem is that the chairs in the break room are scratching up the tile floor. The second problem is that the room is noisy, in part, because they have lots of chairs that are regularly dragged across the floor.

To solve these problems, we helped the customer purchase and install floor savers on every chair in the break room. Floor savers are felt pads that you slip over the feet of furniture or stick onto the legs of the chair with the help of an adhesive. They protect floor surfaces from scratches and rust stains. These pads will lengthen the life of the tile flooring and will help them look better for years to come.

Floor savers also reduce noise. After we installed the floor savers the noise level in the room was virtually eliminated.

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