Vision and Values

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Alliance Maintenance vision

Our Vision

Excite people by creating a clean and orderly place to work. 

Our Values

  • Honor God with Work 
  • Believe that Cleaning is Important
  • Do Things Well Without Wasting Time
  • Be Profitable
  • Create Fun and Excitement
  • Accomplish Big Things with Hard Work
  • Let Others Know What's Going On
  • Surpass Expectations
  • Learn More
  • Tell the Truth
  • Recognize Others

Alliance Maintenance Team winning performance award at company meeting

Our Mission

  • We seek to glorify God by cleaning work places so that workers can be comfortable, productive and healthy. 
  • We use cleaning to make people smile and laugh. 
  • We are in the business of cleaning buildings and building relationships. 
  • We are a team of people who understand the importance of having a clean place to work. 
  • We are unique because our cleans have "ownership" in their accounts and this causes them to care more and work harder. 


This is a memo that recently circulated among our independent operators...

SUBJECT: THE VISION                                                       

The Alliance Vision: 

Excite People By Creating a Clean and Orderly Place to Work 

Excite People: 

I want to use our cleaning business to excite people. It sounds crazy, but it’s currently happening and can happen more often. People like it when they look down at the toilet and it’s spot-free and clean. People feel good when we show up unannounced and “freshen up” their toilets during the workday. People laugh when we give them sour flush toilets or the world’s cleanest toilet. People trust us when we show up and inspect their building month after month. People respect us when we show up and put floor savers on their chairs. Individually these things may or may not “excite” people.  Collectively, these actions will not just excite them, it will blow them away!

By Creating:

We “create” something at Alliance Maintenance. We create clean and we create order. When we enter our customers’ buildings every night and start to clean, the buildings are dirty. When we’re finished, the buildings are clean and orderly.  This is our creation. We help make order out of chaos.

A Clean and Orderly:

People need cleanliness and order in their lives. It’s difficult to work without it. And it’s probably impossible to perform at the highest level without it. Imagine, for just a minute, a workplace that is not cleaned. If the cleaning stops, the workers will eventually not have a place to work. Trash piles up and overflows onto the floor. It eventually becomes a trip and fall hazard. The toilets will become stained, then broken, then unusable. Air quality suffers. People will get infections from bacteria. Respiratory and cardiac problems can occur. People need us. We bring cleanliness and order to the work place.

Place to Work:

Our customers do important things. They track violent criminals, educate children, perform brain surgery, and build airplanes. If we don’t provide them with a clean place to work, they cannot serve society with their expertise. If a workplace is clean and ordered, then thinking can be clear and ordered.

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