Cleaning in a New Era

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People are thinking differently about cleaning and the way cleaning is performed.
Alliance has quickly responded by reshaping the services that we offer our customers.

Service Options:



A one-time or ongoing cleaning where we spray a hospital-grade disinfectant chemical with a sprayer on high touchpoint areas to create a healthier environment.
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deep cleaning

Enhanced Ongoing Cleaning Services

When a customer requests enhanced cleaning on an ongoing basis we offer a variety of solutions, including: • Scheduling frequent wipe downs of high touchpoint areas • Adding more cleaners to a building to focus on enhanced cleaning issues • Spraying disinfectant chemicals throughout the facility daily or weekly basis • Scheduling additional days of cleaning

deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning

A one-time comprehensive clean that involves manually cleaning high touchpoint areas and common areas with commercial grade disinfectant cleaner PLUS spraying the building with a hospital grade disinfectant chemical!

Alliance Restroom Cleaning

Dear Valued Customers,

Neil Boyd, PresidentJust want to reach out and let our customers know how our cleaning processes relate to trying to keep you and your teammates healthy!

At Alliance Maintenance we have a Cleaning System that our operators use to train and test all cleaners.  This System includes basic cleaning that we perform during every visit and detail cleaning that is performed periodically throughout the month.

This System involves the following fundamental cleaning practices:

  • Using microfiber cleaning tools when performing cleaning services because microfiber helps in the removal of bacteria.
  • Using red microfiber cloths on toilets and urinals to avoid cross contamination.
  • Frequently rotating microfiber cloths and mopping pads so that overly dirty tools are not used to perform cleaning.
  • Laundering microfiber cleaning tools after every use.
  • Using commercial grade disinfectants when performing restroom cleaning.  (Above we’ve included our restroom cleaning process in case it interests you.) 
  • Using proper dwell time when cleaning surfaces in a restroom.
  • Complying with our detail cleaning schedule so that all surfaces and items are properly cleaned during the month.
  • Using personal protective equipment while cleaning to protect the cleaners and the customer’s employees.

We’ve also been providing updated training videos and materials to our cleaning team.  I know we don’t do everything perfectly all the time, but we put intentional focus on encouraging everyone to clean to the best of their abilities and to follow the Alliance Cleaning System.

On a separate but related note, we’ve had multiple customers request additional cleaning services.  If you need Alliance to provide cleaning for another day per week for the next couple of months or you’d like additional detail cleaning services (such as frequent high touchpoint wipe downs), let us know and we can provide you with a price.

We value you as a customer and are willing to be a resource for you.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Best regards,

Neil Boyd

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