Good Clean Humor

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Scott Frakes sitting on toilet with backpack vacuumQ. How many people does it take to make the bathroom smell?

We have a lot of fun doing what we do. "Use cleaning to make people smile and laugh" (including ourselves) is actually part of our mission. In keeping with our mission, here are some of the things that have made us laugh the hardest. We hope you laugh too!

A. Just a phew!

Colby Burress's bizarre holiday transformation:


Toilet-shaped trophy for the Alliance Maintenance Cleaning Bowl trivia game

The coveted trophy for the winner of the Cleaning Bowl—the janitorial trivia game we play each year with our area managers and their teams. It weighs close to ten pounds.

2018 winner: Kevin & Amber Gray's team

2019 winner: Josh Gehring's team

(2020 event cancelled due to COVID)


And the best of our Instagram feed:

Know a good "clean" joke that should be on here (see what we did there)? Let us know

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