Commercial Cleaning Services

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Alliance provides commercial cleaning services with the goal of completely satisfying and retaining the customer. We pride ourselves in retaining customers long-term. We have served many of our customers for over 10 years! 

Alliance Maintenance Cleaning Services

Alliance Maintenance Cleaning Services - Vacuum all Carpeted Areas

Vacuuming All Carpeted Areas

Alliance cleaners will vacuum the entire carpeted area, including: corners of rooms, edges of walls, behind doors, and under desks and trash cans. We will also move and vacuum beneath light furniture. After vacuuming, we will neatly place the furniture and trash cans where they belong. Alliance regularly cleans and maintains its vacuums to increase their effectiveness and reduce air pollution.

Alliance Maintenance Employee emptying trash cans and replacing liners

Emptying Trash and Replacing Liners

Each night, Alliance cleaners will empty all of your trash cans and replace all can liners. We will also clean your trash cans. After emptying the trash, we will neatly place the trash cans where they belong.

Alliance Maintenance Corporate Cleaning Services: Sweeping and Mopping

Sweeping and Mopping

Alliance cleaners will mop floors with clean, treated microfiber mops. We clean floors with a neutral floor cleaner to avoid damaging floor surfaces or floor finish. Alliance pays special attention to cleaning edges and corners and underneath light furniture.

Alliance Maintenance worker cleaning the bathroom with disinfectant

Cleaning Restrooms

Alliance cleaners will sweep and clean your restroom floors, showers, toilets, urinals and partitions. We polish glass and metal and clean sinks, countertops, door handles, light switches and walls with disinfectant. We will also stock toilet paper, paper towels, and hand-soap.

Alliance Maintenance corporate cleaning microfiber towels

Dusting/Cleaning All Furniture, Baseboards, Windowsills

Alliance cleaners will dust and clean all furniture and vertical surfaces. We will detail dust desks (if desired), file cabinets and horizontal surfaces. We will perform high-low dusting of picture frames, door frames, etc. We will dust all window ledges, window sills, window frames, blinds and baseboards and remove cobwebs from windowsills and baseboards.

Alliance Maintenance Corporate Cleaning Services: Polishing All Glass

Wiping/Polishing Light Switches, Glass Doors

Alliance cleaners will polish all glass (mirrors and doors), metal (partitions and drinking fountains) and bright work in your building. We use spray disinfectant cleaners and wipe the entire surface with cotton cleaning rags until the surface is clean.

Alliance Maintenance employee buffing and treating tile foors

Buffing and Treating Tile Floors

At your request, Alliance will buff and treat your tile floors. Prior to buffing, Alliance cleaners will sweep and clean your floors with a neutral cleaner-restorer. Then, we will buff your floors with a high speed buffer. This process will give a bright shine to your floor and increase its life expectancy.

Alliance Maintenance employee stripping and waxing the floors

Stripping and Waxing Tile Floors

At your request, Alliance will strip and wax your floors. Alliance cleaners will thoroughly rinse and clean your floors with a neutral cleaner. We will seal the floor in a manner that will extend the life of the floor. We will then place multiple coats of finish on the floor to establish a "wet look" shine.

Alliance Maintenance employee cleaning the carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Alliance cleaners can satisfy all of your carpet cleaning needs, including comprehensive carpet cleaning and spot removal. We use low residue chemicals to reduce stains caused by chemical residue. Upon request, we will perform a traffic analysis and make recommendations for keeping your carpet clean and reducing the amount of stainage that occurs on your carpet.

Alliance Maintenance Corporate Cleaning Services: Day Porter Services

Day Porter Services

Alliance can provide you with day porter services. We will provide you with uniformed, professional personnel who will work according to your scheduling needs.

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