Health Benefits of Cleaning

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Cleaning For Health

We know that you want to work in a healthy environment. We help you with that by cleaning your building with microfiber cleaning tools and disinfectant cleaners.

Two Major Health Benefits of Cleaning with Microfiber

Alliance Maintenance Janitors cleaning office building with Microfiber

Health Benefit No. 1:
Reduce Dust & Allergens in the Air 

Microfiber cleaning tools reduce the amount of dust and allergens that are “kicked up” into the air while cleaning.  This should lead to less sniffling and sneezing around the office. 

Microfiber is a tiny, tiny fiber that is woven together and then used to create cleaning tools, such as cloths, towels, mops, dusting mitts, and dusting wands. Microfiber has a positive charge that grabs, traps and removes dust particles instead of merely moving them around. Most dust cloths or other dusting tools don’t attract or hold the dust. Instead, much of the dust is released into the air.

Our cleaners use these tools to get the dust out of your building.

Alliance Maintenance Janitors cleaning office building with Microfiber

Health Benefit No. 2:
Reduce Bacteria & Cross Contamination

Microfiber mopping systems reduce cross contamination, which is the transfer of bacteria from one room to another room.

Have you ever watched a scene like this unfold in your building? Using a traditional mop, the janitor mops the men’s restroom and the women’s restroom. With the same mop and mop water, the janitor then mops the kitchen floor or break room floor.

This is not good for your health.

Microfiber mopping systems are different. Microfiber mops have interchangeable mop heads. Instead of repeatedly rinsing and wringing the mop and routinely changing mop water, our janitors simply remove the dirty mop head and replace it with a clean mop head. After mopping a restroom, the janitor will remove the dirty pad (which will be laundered) and replace it with a clean pad before moving to another room.

Cleaning a Surface with a Disinfectant Cleaner

We train our cleaners to use commercial grade disinfectant cleaners. Here’s the method we use to train our cleaners to clean a surface with a disinfectant cleaner:

  • Spray the disinfectant cleaner on the surface
  • Allow the disinfectant cleaner to sit (read the label for proper dwell time)
  • Wipe off the disinfectant cleaner with a clean microfiber cloth
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