Wall of Fame (2017-2019)

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A janitorial service is only as good as the people who clean your building. Our local owners work hard to hire great people, and we want recognize them for their stellar performance. One way we honor these people is by giving top performers a Living the Vision Award, which is a custom engraved coin bearing our vision statement.

Here is a list of some top performers from the last few years:

Kyle recognizing Tanya for her exceptional work

Tanya Kartasheva

Three months ago, Tanya became a night leader and the business took off immediately. She is always the first to arrive and the last to leave and never has a bad attitude!

- Kyle Mantick | Denver, CO | June 2019

Josh Gehring recognizes Carol Ann for her excellent work

Carol Ann Carson

Carol Ann has played such an important role in the company’s success by improving our inspection program and keeping customers happy!

- Josh Gehring | NW Arkansas | June 2019

Josh Gehring recognizes Vickie for her excellent work

Vickie Harrell

Vickie is always the one to step up when something goes wrong. She is great at improvising and she always has her customer's interests and our company’s success at the top of her list.

- Josh Gehring | NW Arkansas | June 2019


Vision award coin for top performers

2018 Winners:

Rose Devers

Erica Bryant

Kevin & Amber Gray | Tulsa, OK


Mike Wiley

Josh Gehring | NW Arkansas

Vision award coin for top performers

2017 Winners:

Teresa Haskew

Melinda Jamison

Chad Gehring | Springfield, MO


George Tovar, Jr.

Kristen McCall

Scott Frakes | Oklahoma City

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