The Gift of Meaning

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Posted by Chase Russell on 10/16/2019

Catch Me At My Best - tell us about cleaners doing good work so we can thank themYou have the ability to give more meaning and motivation to others than you know.

Today is Thank Your Cleaner Day, and while this might sound like just another made-up holiday, the idea behind it—that of being a meaning-giver—is powerful. No matter how much you know that your work is meaningful, nothing compares to seeing proof that it positively impacts others.

This is especially important when it comes to inconspicuous jobs like janitorial service. Cleaners who have someone genuinely compliment their efforts often remember it for years.

This can be as easy as looking a cleaner in the eye and thanking them for their work. For extra points, you can tell them the specific things they do well or the impact their work has on you.

Also, if your building is cleaned by Alliance, let us know how well your cleaner is doing before the end of this year so we can thank them too!

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